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live breaking news from san francisco fire burning right now in the west portal neighborhood. >> effect is on muni. terry mcsweeney just got to the scene way can you tell us? >> reporter: very latest on the transportation issue is the k and m were shutdown earlier because of the fire situation. now the l has been shutdown as well. k, l, m street cars not going through this incredibly busy transportation hub. the fire broke out 5:00 this morning. firefighters still out here on the scene. the smoke is still pouring out of the top of the squat and
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gobble restaurant at west portal. fires still up there on the roof, they pulled them back earlier. they have gone back up to deal with this fire. as of this moment, the fire is close to containment, not contained it has not spread, wine shop on one side and nail polish service on the other side of the building it has not spread the fire has not any way as of this time. three alarm fire out here and firefighters all over the scene the entire intersection blocked off. if we can pan over, good news as a result of this, certainly you can see the stretchers standing by, emergency personnel ready to take care of anybody injured, firefighters or otherwise, to this point there have been no injuries. they are standing by, should that change. firefighters up on the roof of the next door building smoke gets out of the way you can see a little better we can come back over to the fire
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firefighters up on the roof just peering into the smoke on that roof all of the a sudden the smoke will get out of the way they are hitting the roof hard, no idea how this started going to be investigated by arson investigators, of course but as of right now they have no idea where it started or how it started and they are battling it as best they can making good progress, close to containment. again, k, l and m street cars not coming through this intersection right now. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. sue hall will be telling us more about the effect on muni metro and your allive -- alternatives. right now mike checking out whether -- residual moisture some on the ground some in the form of drizzle even mist lone shower moving through the diablo range pulling away if
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livermore and their wine country heading towards the higher elevation not going to affect a lot of us this morning the dampness will. be careful as you are out. damp spots around the bay through the morning rush drizzle over by noon clouds open up, low to mid 60s that's it from 9 to 15° cooler than average. stray shower inland, cool but sunshine breaks out noon more sun 4:00, 64 to 69, 50s during the evening. one last look at that storm pulling to the south and away from most neighborhoods this wet unsettled pattern is just about over. warmer weather in a minute, first up gate sue. first to this "sig alert" to oakland. south 880 at 23rd still with two right lanes blocked multi-car accident traffic very slow past the scene. i suggest 580 to get around
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all of this. we are checking to see if the big rigs are allowed on 580, i'll have an update in my next report. right now all bart and caltrain all mass transit on time. situation with muni as you just heard terry mcsweeney, an -- apparently now m, k and l not getting through the west portal tunnel. that will remain while this fire is underway. bus bridges are being set up there. san jose police department investigating shooting death of a man overnight the call came in before 2:00 this morning officers responded to the 1700 block of rogers avenue in the north part of the city to find a man had been shot he died a few minutes later. neighborhood described as industrial. crime scene tape in place and part of rogers avenue still closed to traffic. police are not releasing any information on the victim this
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is the city's 37th homicide of the year. large stash of ammunition inside in burning home proved to be a challenge for firefighters. the fire broke out on carlton avenue shortly before 4:00 this morning. two people were inside, a husband and wife they got out on their own they were taken to the hospital with burn injuries. >> live look at the scene now, the charred remains of that home, fire is out. katie marzullo spoke to neighbors who say they saw and heard ammo shooting from the house. katie will be joining us in the next half hour. we are continuing to follow the space shuttle endeavour this morning as it makes its final trip through the streets of southern california we said streets here's a live lack from los angeles overnight the shuttle started complicated and slow move from l.a.x. to the california science center, a distans -- a distance of 12
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miles but the shuttle is moving two miles per hour. city streets have to be closed. they've had to cut down trees and remove some power lines to make way for the huge space shuttle so at two miles an hour the trip is expected to take two days. >> your voice, your vote. vice president biden and paul ryan will be back on the campaign trail this morning after a testy exchange in their only debate. who won? overnight yahoo poll of more than 130,000 may have the best answer of all, 50/50. the debate sparked a few fireworks both delivered stark differences on domestic and foreign policy, including how to fix the economy. >> it is about time they take some responsibility here. instead of signing pledges to grover norquist not to ask the wealthiest among us to contribute to bring back the middle class, they should be signing a saying to the middle class we are going to level the playing field.
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>> did they inherit a tough situation? absolutely. but we are going in the wrong direction. look at where we are. >> at one point ryan mentioned jack kennedy lowered tax rates and biden quickly fired back "so now you're jack kennedy?" generated 50,000 tweets per minute. president obama and mitt romney meet next tuesday at hofstra university in new york this will be in a found hall format. abc 7 will carry it live. traffic and weather together, next on abc7 morning news. live look outside now this is the embarcadero where you can see the shiney roads still a little slick. meteorologist mike nicco will have your full forecast. we'll check in with sue hall who is tracking muni metro lines not running now due to huge restaurant fire. also, more problems for
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toyota. new consumer reports alert
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welcome back. higher elevations to the east of milpitas and fremont right now along calaveras avenue where we have our lone shower. if you look at live doppler it is showing drying trend as the next wave of showers are going to stay in the central valley
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and head farther south there. for us pockets of sunshine develop this afternoon after the morning's mist and drizzle and shower activity that will be it temperatures below average in the 60s most of us should be in the 70s if not a few 80s that's what we are going to see sunday. monday a little above average 60s coast upper 70s bay mid 80s inland. back to oakland. good news, "sig alert" liftedded that accident southbound 880 at 23rd cleared. should be seeing relief there shortly back to the muni situation, muni lines k, l, m not getting through the west portal tunnel due to this fire we've been talking setting up bus bridges, no other mass transit issues. let's look at your waze app showing 880 the oakland accident cleared but the damage is done southbound very, very slow from the macarthur
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maze south towards 23rd where the scene of the accident was. you can get around this on 580. if you would like to download this app it is waze. it is free. >> happy to hear the bus bridges have been set up. 6:12. consumer reports announced today that the emergency trunk lever signed new 2013 lexus es and gs may not work in some cases they can snap off. the device is a back-up in case somebody gets trapped in the trunk with it broken they cannot get out. toyota has released a statement saying this: upon hearing the information from consumer reports we immediately began investigating the durability and ergonomics of the emergency trunk release lever this is an active investigation. update on breaking news from san francisco that we've been covering, a fire in west portal at a restaurant now spread to a wine shop we go
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back live to the scene. yoga in the classroom, parents coming forward to say they don't want in fitness craze around their children. >> call it a prescription for savings. michaelrsç%?x?xs6$ú
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good morning. back live to the scene of our breaking news story three alarm fire in west portal that portion of san francisco and what it is doing as this restaurant continues to burn the squat and gobble restaurant terry mcsweeney has just given us word it has now spread they were trying to keep it from spreading to the wine shop next door but flames have reached that major damage to both businesses. right now the impact to muni
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is major streetcar lines k, l, m -- equipment blocking entrance to the tunnel what muni is doing they've set up bus bridges to get commuters around. right now know that the streetcars are not running through the portal. we'll continue to follow this with terry and sue hall. yoga now part of the curriculum at a southern california school not everybody is pleased about the district in san diego county is offering yoga to students district officials say it is part of a larger effort to help students get healthy and active some parents are asking their children be taken out of classes they claim the course is a practice of hinduism and the money is better pent on math and science. district officials say they will continue to you ever at yoga classes. many americans grappling with the high cost of medicine may be putting themselves in harm's way.
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michael finney is here with ways you can save at the pharmacy. >> reporter: good morning. the details of a just released consumer reports survey shows patients are trying save money by not filling their prescriptions. taking expired drugs and skipping doses. if you know what over-the-counter medications to replace with your pricey prescriptions you might save a few dollars. nearly half of all americans take prescription medication regularly. for common ail s like allergies, -- ailments like allergies, acid reflux or aches and pains the best remedy might already be in your medicine cabinet. >> our analysis shows many over-the-counter medications work just as well or better than prescription drugs for a host of ailments. >> reporter: for heartburn pref individual popular. -- prevacid popular. nonpreups items and generic
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antacids cost let and can relieve occasional heartburn. for more serious heart there are over-the-counter options. >> if you have been diagnosed with acid reflux research shows over-the-counter prilosec or prevacid works as effectively as pricier drugs. >> reporter: generic can save as much as $192 a month. for allergy sufferers over-the-countery antihistamine pills -- are just as effective as prescription drugs. you could save up to $148 a month. for join pain, prescription celebrex provides relief. over-the-counter drugs like advil, tylenol and aleve and their generics may work just as well and could save $265 a month. whether you are take ago over the counter drug or
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prescription, -- to your did if symptoms continue more than 10 days. i'm michael finney. another look at traffic in the city because of a fire that has shutdown muni service on the l, m -- >> klm,. >> let's go to sue hall in the traffic center with the latest. now nobody is getting through they've shutdown the west portal tunnel. right now back to 880 that accident clear but the damage is done southbound and once we mentioned that earlier that accident now gone "sig alert" lifted. again, do not look at this map, all metro trains are being stopped here, no delays -- i mean all delays there, "sig alert" in effect for that area they are setting up bus bridges that should get you around. we'll try to update that situation. if you are headed out now, 880 slow traffic and here is a
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look at waze app, waze for the latest to get around this jam-up on 880. 580 still a good bet. weather not as active now as it was overnight or as poor sue is this morning with all these events, leftover moisture on the embarcadero doesn't seem to be affecting traffic in this general area. sue is going to keep an eye on that as i will live doppler 7 hd showing lone shower along the diablo range to the south calaveras avenue, sierra road towards ruby avenue, five miles east of milpitas, starting to jog more west. we are 85 and 101 come together in south san jose could get wet the next 5 to 10 minutes with a light shower that's it. mid to upper 50s, same around the monterey bay wet today,
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mainly this morning, then foggy spots tonight and then brighter, warmer weather a touch tomorrow more so sunday into next week. low while were you sleeping pulled east back side of it, tends to be the drier and more stable side that's why minor moisture wrapping around and why we have that one lone shower and sprinkles through the morning. noon, the sprinkles are over clouds open up into the afternoon that means fog will fill in during the overnight hours through tomorrow morning. sunshine in the afternoon, saturday temperatures jump two to eight degrees patchy fog sunny morning, warmer by sunday afternoon. today most of us stuck in the low to mid 60s no matter where you, 60s at the coast through tuesday, 70s return everywhere tomorrow, 80s inland by sunday, warmest wednesday mid 70s at the coast, mid 80s around the
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bay, upper 80s inland. hope you enjoy that weather. not too late to enjoy $49,000 that's what we are giving away. these people want the chance: they all entered through our facebook page. the winner will be announced after the 49ers game october 18th. you can enter go to then club the win $49,000 button that will take you to the form where you can enter your details. good luck. 6:22. >> update on our breaking news live pictures from san francisco west portal area you see that three-alarm fire burning at the squat and gobble restaurant. a headache for them and a headache for travelers no streetcars are getting through the west portal tunnel, they are setting up a bus bridge to try to get you around it. we'll check back in with terry mcsweeney to get the lates
6:23 am
from the scene. live pictures from the scene firefighters trying to get to it, one of the reasons the service is shutdown on muni. more on this and terry will for you coming up.
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>> back live to the west portal district in san francisco you are looking at flare-ups from the fire at the squat and gobble
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restaurant. why this is affecting more than just the patrons and owners? it is next to the west port & tunnel used by muni streetcars right now no streetcars are getting through as firefighters continue to try to put this stubborn fire out. muni is setting up a bus bridge to get riders around. we'll bring you much more on what they are accomplishing out there when we check in with terry mcsweeney. right now no reports of injuries. this fire has been burning for a while, tough to put out you can see the flames flaring up there despite the efforts to put water on it. >> we'll continue to cover that story. still ahead and happening now, we continue to track space shuttle endeavour right now on a slow crawl, two miles per hour through southern california streets. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo live in san jose, firefighters have a
6:27 am
house fire control but still a lot of work to be done. it is too hot to go in the house and this house fire was particularly dangerous. i'll let you know why, coming up. good morning. live shot of the bay bridge toll metering lights on as you can see heading into san francisco earlier stall gone back to san francisco muni lines affected in the west portal area that tunnel shutdown, no trains getting through. they have are in the process of setting up bus bridges this is ongoing we will update you when we come back after the
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back to breaking news. major fire burning now
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san francisco's west portal neighborhood with serious muni impact. >> let's go live to terry mcsweeney on scene. we are seeing how stubborn in fire is. >> reporter: a short time ago we heard from chief white they thought they were close to containment. you can see the flames have sufrpblged up again. a short time ago -- have surged up again. a short time ago no flames then all of a sudden a major burst of flames -- [ inaudible ] firefighters knocked didn't a huge portion still dealing with that fire on the roof fires were pulled off that roof about 5:45 in morning. the fire broke out [ unintelligible ] we tacked to chief white and she was saying that although it did -- did not spread in
6:31 am
one direction it did spread to another. they share a common wall that was the concern there has been flame in the wine shop building. right now we have crews inside that building and on the roof as opposed to squat and gobble where nobody is inside or on top of that roof. >> reporter: i can see it appears to be some s on the adjacent -- some flames on the adjacent building next door is a wine shop next to that is an orthodontist office i'm told by san francisco police officer there's oxygen in there that is a concern i see firefighters down on the street level going in and out of that building making sure nothing explosive catches on fire there. the scene out here is as you emergencied not only is this restaurant burning and continuing to burn, an hour and a half after it was reported, also no street cars going through this tunnel, no k, l, m fire lines everywhere.
6:32 am
firefighters everywhere as you can see dozens and dozens of firefighters numerous pieces of equipment, all kinds of trucks standing by what -- for good reason this can flare-up at the drop of a hat it burst into massive flames even hitting the tree next to the restaurant roof of the building gone. building next door is main concern now nobody going through chief white walking over to me now. anything new on this fire? >> yes, we have extend it to a fourth alarm. we had challenges with the flame coming up. the good thing is it venting we are getting the upper hand but it is deep-seated we had attic challenges, as a precaution we needed more resources we did go to a fourth alarm a few minutes ago. >> reporter: next door was the wine shop i was told by a
6:33 am
police officer next to that is a dentist office where there might be oxygen is that a concern now? >> that is something that has been reported as a doctor's office. we have precautions regarding that. at this time with the wine shop we are pulling member out of that building as well. they were on the roof, i think they are coming out as precaution. >> reporter: any injuries? >> we did have one firefighter he had a little smoke inhalation. he had run out of air in the building and came out safely he's fine. he just needed to take a break doing fine. >> reporter: any expectation on confinement? >> not at this time. right now our objective is to contain and have it not extend we are containing it pretty well you can see there's active flames i've been in the restaurant several times it is an interesting dynamic.
6:34 am
it is angled and deep. the fire it looks to me, having been in that restaurant, that it emanates from the kitchen so we'll be here for a >> reporter: chief white, thank you. again, -- the streetcars not going tunnel and this fire has spread to the building next door. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> with kitchen being involved all kinds of things can catch fire. >> us a heard him say the restaurant -- as you heard him say the restaurant located outside the west portal tunnel. muni has set up bus bridges, nothing getting through shutdown. west portal remains closed the street itself avoid that area if you can. muni saying they are setting up bus bridges to get around. south 880 at 23rd clear you
6:35 am
will find residual slow traffic leaving oakland southbound. drive times 880 highway 4 and 80 to into the maze. quick look at bay bridge toll, metering lights on earlier stall headed in the upper deck and incline section that has been cleared unfortunately, there's no such thing as friday light this morning. still have one lone shower sliding out of the diablo range into the eastern most sections of san jose around mount pleasant road. you can see the loan storm out here on live doppler. one -- san jose -- not been a lot, and it has been enough just to coat the ground watch
6:36 am
out for slick spots. damp and the bay through 7:00, drizzle over by noon, clouds open up, low to mid 60s 4:00, inland stray shower through 7:00, cool even with more sun by 4:00, mid to upper 60s at the coast mainly cloudy for the better part of today, drizzle this morning will give way to slow clearing mid to upper 50s by 4:00. more breaking news right now san jose police investigating early morning shooting that left a man dead. the city's 37th homicide of the year. officers responded to the 1700 block of rogers avenue in the north portion of the city before 2:00 this morning to fan a man who had been shot he died a few minutes later. the neighborhood is described as industrial. police are not releasing any information about the victim. more breaking news, fire burned san jose home sent two to the hospital.
6:37 am
katie marzullo live at the scene with more. >> reporter: a couple new things. carlton avenue is now open be detail out here fire crews still very much on the scene. you can see that behind us still putting water on this house, the fire is under control. i'm told they are going to need to put a lot of water on this house. mostly doing fire watch, not going to go inside and assess things until they declare the house is cold. this fire broke out 3:48 this morning we have video of the flames, two people who were inside a husband and wife were able to get out, they did suffer burns the husband to his head and hands. two homes on either side of the house had to be evacuated the fire department says because there was ammunition inside the home that was on fire. >> basically the show casings become projectiles not as if it was coming from a gun, but enough that it may injure you.
6:38 am
>> every time you heard a whack and a whack and you see fire shooting out of house straight up in the air. it was like a whip going off with a crash it was weird. >> reporter: in fact the initial report was that there was an explosion and a house fire the homeowner told the fire department he a lot of ammo inside. that is not the cause of the fire not yet, that has still to be determined. investigators aren't going to be able to go in this home right way they should be out here late this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. next, following that big problem in san francisco with the fire at a restaurant also affecting muni ride. we'll also look at the forecast, next on the abc7 morning news. >> a look right now at the embarcadero talking about some of the rain that is leaving our area still a few showers.
6:39 am
meteorologist mike nicco will have the latest, coming up. >> we'll be right back. back to the fire that we were just talking about west portal area squat and gobble restaurant it has been flaring up chief white telling terry mcsweeney she has struck a fourth alarm because of the danger to the firefighters, basically fighting a defensive fire now. if you are a muni ride they are is affecting you because no streetcars or trains are getting through the west portal tunnel. they are trying to set up a bus bridge,
6:40 am
6:41 am
good morning many sue hall following your traffic. westbound dumbarton left lane at the toll plaza first reports of accident slow on the east bayside things pick
6:42 am
up as you need menlo park. situation with muni and san francisco, fire that terry mcsweeney has been reporting west portal tunnel is shutdown no muni service there bus bridge in place. west portal the street cleesed -- closed at this hour. major delays on bart there. if you look at the waze app this is your dumbarton bridge that accident very, very slow as you can see by the traffic spotters. is the free app you can probably take the san mateo bridge is a better alternate for the dumbarton bridge. this was a bit ago at the west portal restaurant squat and gobble traffic in the area please avoid the area that section closed. terry mcsweeney reporting that the west portal tunnel shutdown to muni, bus bridges in place by muni. that's the situation as we can
6:43 am
see it now. >> because they just had a big flare-up more flames struck four alarm now more fires will be headed to the scene about 100 firefighters there live pictures putting water on it, they've spread to the next door wine shop as well. severe damage in both places the good news no injuries. chief white tells terry mcsweeney that one firefighter did have to be treated for smoke inhalation but he's going to be okay. two hours after the fire broke out it is still going ferociously.
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welcome back. live doppler 7 hd showers ing south away from us within lone shower 85 and 101 come to the now heading towards morgan hill in the next half hour. 80 palm springs, 55 tahoe with
6:46 am
scattered showers mid 60s more sun through the weekend. around yosemite, snow in upper elevations will continue above 8700 feet today mid to upper 70s state into sunday. down south stray shower possible sprinkles this morning in l.a. upper 70s to upper 80s saturday into sunday. san diego stray shower this morning and then mid 70s to near 80 saturday and sunday. 6:46, back to our breaking news story of the morning. major restaurant fire continues to burn in west portal neighborhood you are looking at live pictures now. let's go to terry mcsweeney, four larger now? >> reporter: -- >>s with we wait for terry to join us we continue to look at flames they are putting water on it one firefighter treated for smoke inhalation that is the squat and gobble restaurant burning two hours.
6:47 am
right now it has spread to next door wine shop. >> reporter: hello,aoç hello! >> hi terry, we got you now. >> reporter: yeah, you can see how difficult this fire has been to fight the call came in 5:00 this morning we are heading towards 7:00 and the flames are still coming out of the roof of the squat and gobble restaurant on west portal aerial attack has been going on for well over an hour. fires pulled off that roof obviously sometime ago. the flames won't go down. you watch water hit the flames and you expect the flames to go out, they don't. every now and then there's another big flare-up. the fire has not only consumed the squat and gobble but the building next door, the roof is on fire there that's right above a wine shop. it is also slow close to being right over a dentist's office
6:48 am
which according to a san francisco police officer out here, certainly concern that there might be oxygen in there and if so, that would add to an already prolonged situation make the scene that much more difficult we have a report of one firefighter i was told by chief white that he suffered from a moderate smoke inhalation as you see the firefighters still battling away still dark smoke coming out of this building fresh burning going on every now and then you see flames jumping up from the top of the squat and gobble as well as the building next door. all kinds of firefighters out here, fourth alarm means different things to different departments it you an idea how much equipment, how many men and women they are dedicating to battling this fire which continues right now the chief feels it is close to containment, but stubborn fire, and you can see the firefighters out here now,
6:49 am
right at hub at the tunnel and the k, l, m none of them have been running. they haven't been running since shortly after 5:00 this morning. haven't seen a train go by since i got here. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> chief white mentioned in an earlier conversation that she was concerned about the roof and pulled firefighters off it. now it looks like what she was warning about has come to pass, much of that roof is gone. >> reporter: absolutely, you look at that roof, you are right, it is again. what is left is extremely unstable when they hit it with the aerial attack the water interest above, you can see parts of it flying away again, the fire started 5:00 the call came in as flames kick up again they were pulled off about 5:45 or so, the call came out to get the firefighters off of that roof they continued the attack from a ladder aerial attack and
6:50 am
also buildings next door. now they've pulled the firefighters off the building down west portal burning down west portal on the roof slow burning, very stubborn fire. the firefighters keep pouring water on there and it won't go out to this point. >> terry mcsweeney live in the west portal district covering that fire that is having a big impact on muni. sue will tell you about that. >> a morning that is drizzley and damp in san francisco, right? >> absolutely and a few out there too. definitely residual moisture left as that low is pulling away good morning. you can see the embarcadero glistening in the lights from around it because of the wetness out there even if it is not raining if your neighborhood there's still leftover moisture from last night's sprinkles, showers even drizzle one lone shower starting to move south of san jose toward --
6:51 am
[ unintelligible ] going to be a rather damp morning. being see how radar returns are definitely fading that is a good sign that we'll have to deal with dampness this morning but that's it for the rest of the forecast 50s now mid to upper 50s monterey bay. a little wet this morning, some of that moisture may linger overnight in the form of fog tomorrow morning may be reduced visibilities when you are traveling around, brighter and warmer especially starting sunday into next week. today, the other big story into the afternoon rain ends, look at the cold weather, 9° cooler than average in oakland, san francisco, else 10 to 14° cooler than average. has to do with this area of low pressure pulling cooler air in northerly wind bringing
6:52 am
minimal amount of moisture this morning more stable on the back side and less moisture that's why showers are falling apart as we speak. scattered sprinkles through the morning rush by noon they are over, by the evening clouds open up, that means chilly this evening you want a coat. tomorrow morning patchy fog. afternoon looks like stray showers in the north bay will stay farther north that is good news best day to be outside for warmth and sunshine everywhere will be sunday temperatures will be from 4 to 14° warmer that's just the beginning mid to upper 80s next week inland low to mid 80s around the bay even mid 70s at the coast. be careful out there good morning. san jose now 280 northbound snaking from san jose past 17 interchange towards cupertino traffic a bit slow and sluggish that stretch. live look of san calf yell out of novato past lucas valley road into -- into central
6:53 am
marin looking good no delays on the go bridge. problem at dumbarton bridge, toll chp changing location to the right lane blocked with this accident slow traffic across the span towards the menlo park side. once again, muni problems, west portal tunnel closed due to the fire that terry mcsweeney has been covering no trains getting through that tunnel, muni set up a bus bridge. west portal closed you want to avoid the area if possible. a look at the waze app this is 84 dumbarton bridge, you can see traffic bumper-to-bumper due to that accident. placed it in the right lane and it looks like the san mateo bridge would still be a good alternate to the north. if you would like to download in app to help you navigate these traffic jams, you will be pleased to
6:54 am
know muni is saying something you have been saying all morning long. >> the latest on that four alarm fire in san francisco, we are going to have more in a little bit. here's another live picture from the scene on west portal drive. firefighters battling stubborn flames there. abc7 morning news
6:55 am
we are following breaking news in the west portal district of san francisco, a fire very stubborn, very difficult to put out and the squat and gobble restaurant here the west portal tunnel that tunnel shutdown no muni traffic getting through. muni finally confirming what sue has been reporting, k, l, m trains not running through the tunnel. they say j and n lines remain in service. firefighters 100 and more coming to this fire at the
6:56 am
squat and gobble restaurant which is very stubborn. >> let's get a look at forecast from mike. following that lone shower now to the east of morgan hill i should west, definitely falling apart still damp. . good news if you don't like the wet weather, it is almost over. we'll have increasing sunshine this afternoon, still cooler than average 50s coast, 60s for rest of us. >> bay bridge toll m on traffic very slow behind the scene -- metering lights on traffic very slow behind the scene, expect delays backed past the west grand overcrossing. highway 84 dumbarton bridge still with an accident just past tolls blocking left lane slow traffic muni experiencing delays west portal tunnel nazis tell wide but west portal tunnel, bus bridge in place no other problems with
6:57 am
mass transit women >> that's plenty of problems right there. thank you for skroeupblg us for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll continue to cover in fire through various means. picture live you can go to for the latest information on what is happening here in the west portal area. you can go to our facebook page to comment, leave pictures follow us on twitter and we'll haveúd are you ready ?
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